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PED 3150 LL – edition four


Fun Teacher Halloween Sayings - TeacherVision


I hope you all had a good reading week – relaxing, restful, frantic, energetic – whatever your style. And, if you are trick-or-treating, I hope you get lots of candy ūüėČ. Hallowe’en is one of my favourite times of the year, both at school and at home. School was always so much fun, planning costumes with teacher buddies, creating scary events for the students, watching the parade of costumes and feeling the electricity in the air. Next day, not so much fun: tired kids and sugar coursing through bones. High schools celebrate costumes as much as elementary schools, by the way.

This is Prepping for Practicum month. In two short weeks, you will be in your first-year placement as a “Wednesday observer”. Most of you have received your notice of associate, school and courses, and if you have not, you will soon. On November 8th, we will focus largely on getting ready and organized for practicum. Please make sure you prepare a formal letter of introduction for the principal and associate teacher, and share a draft with me. I will give you feedback, asap, and then you can send off your introduction.

If you have been following the news, CUPE, which represents many education workers in Ontario, is legally able to strike as of November 4th and is planning a province-wide work stoppage for that day. The Ottawa Catholic School Board, OCSB, which has many employees represented by CUPE, released an information bulletin today stating that should a strike occur, students and teachers would move to remote learning. Please watch for information from the Faculty and Tracy Crowe, including the weekly update on Brightspace. You may very well hear some information from Tracy tomorrow at your November 1st PLC. A lot can happen in a week and the Faculty will apprise us all of what will be going on with regard to schools and practicum.

what’s up this week

  • PLC – Federation Day on November 1st.¬†
  • Complete formal letter of introduction to the school principal and associate teacher, ASAP, with a draft first reviewed by HS
  • ensure that all mandatory learning logs to date are completed
  • read and review the Practicum Guide carefully and bring your questions to class
  • set up and maintain your Professional Learning Record, and keep it in your shared general 3150 folder
  • read and reflect on Chapter 2 of Start Here, Start Now. Nathan and Ryan leading the discussion
  • make sure you read the 3150 Weekly Update.

the Great 3150 LL photo contest

I am hoping that some of you will be participating in the photo collage contest next week. Simply create a “schema” of objects and send me your photo. Some suggested themes:

  • the essence of me ‚Äď what 10-15 items represent you as a person at this point?
  • prepping for practicum ‚Äď what 10-15 items will help and support in your fledgling practicum?
  • memories ‚Äď 10 ‚Äď 15 items you hold dear or represent important memories
  • your choice ‚Äď just be ready to explain!

Suggested Resources and Ideas

Practicum season is here and present for you all. Pre-practicum jitters are normal and expected. Managing the nervousness and properly preparing yourself for this new, mind-opening experience is key. Make sure you cover all necessary ground: read the practicum guide, research your practicum placement or agency, ask lots of questions, find people with whom you can establish learning networks, and, take it easy on yourself. You are just starting to learn how to become a professional educator, and frankly, as Calvin and Hobbes’ creator, Bill Watterson wrote: “The truth is most of us discover where we are headed when we arrive.” Preparation is key, as is taking care of yourself and having confidence that definitely you will be learning a great deal of new, surprising, enervating, and challenging information.¬†

As your faculty supervisor, I am here to answer your questions or engage in discussions that draw on my years of work experience as an educator and associate teacher. I found a solid article on advice for student teachers on the Cult of Pedagogy website I speak of so often.


A mid-afternoon photo taken from Pienza, Tuscany. Unerring light that took my breath away. 



PED 3150 LL – edition three

A view of Charlevoix across the great St. Lawrence River from Riviere du Loup 

  WELCOME TO MID-OCTOBER and the Acceleration of School and Practicum Adventures

Thanksgiving is a big marker in school life. Five weeks of settling in, getting to know your class, and assessing for abilities and issues ends typically with a PD Friday and three days off enjoying fall beauty and far too much good food. Returning means preparing IEPs, prepping for progress reports, mid-term reports, assessing larger projects, and addressing issues that are persisting and need attention. In a TC’s first year, after Thanksgiving, assignment deadlines approach and you get closer and closer to your first practicum. It’s time to check out the Practicum Guide and make sure you understand the requirements and timelines. Make sure your Google folders are well organized and try to get your Faculty assignments done before you enter the schools in November.


  • The first FACULTY NEWSLETTER¬† for TCs, ATs, Profs was sent to you via e-mail this past week. Take a look! Great photos¬†and lots of information.¬† ¬†–11159n-f016fj33
  • SECOND LANGUAGE COHORT PLCs were listed in the newsletter: Fun with French: this PLC is interested in promoting motivation among students in FSL; UDLers: this PLC is interested in integrating UDL (universal design for learning) concepts into their practice; Mental Health Warriors: this PLC is interested in learning about how to support the mental health and well-being of students and teachers;¬†Sociolinguistics: this PLC is interested in learning about how to support English Language Learners in their classrooms;¬†Classroom Management:¬†This PLC is interested in learning about effective classroom management strategies for use in practicum and beyond.
  • Formal Letter of Introduction for AT and Principal, due October 19th
  • Third and last required Learning Log response, due October 18th
  • Next Cohort Class – October 18th

                 PHOTO CONTEST for 3150 LL- BIG PRIZES!!!!

Have you ever seen photos of hiking kits? They are one-shot photos of key pieces hikers include in their packs to be prepared and ready. A photo list of sorts, it creates an image to identify what you need and might be missing. One idea to get to know your students and to create community is to have your students create photo kit collages. Students typically like to take photos and respond well to photo images. For English language learners, creating a photo collage may be a great opportunity to express themselves clearly and strongly. Typically, 10-15 items are included in a photo kit and sorted in some type of geometrical shape, like a rectangle. Themes could include your favourite things; things that make you happy (see below for the Swail rendition); essential supplies for school; your favourite foods.

I propose we have our own photo contest to build community and get to know each other better. By our November 8th cohort class, submit your own personal “kit” photo to share with the class and receive valuable, sugar-based treats! Themes? How about one of these?

  • the essence of me – what 10-15 items represent you as a person at this point?
  • prepping for practicum – what 10-15 items will help and support in your fledgling practicum?
  • memories – 10 – 15 items you hold dear or represent important memories
  • your choice – just be ready to explain!

Swail “things that make me happy” kit, created for 3150 students in 2020 (examples always helpful for students)


Teaching to your strengths and the strengths of your students is a big part of education. Here’s a Cult of Pedagogy blog post by Laura Lenz that does a great job of identifying key approaches and strategies that focus on English Language Learner students’ strengths and capacities. The article will resonate with many of you who are identifying the importance of building a learning community founded on students’ strengths.



TAKE GOOD CARE – remember to take time for yourself and do what makes you happy.



PED 3150 LL 2022/23: edition two

May be an image of text that says 'C NATIONAL DAY FOR TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION'



WHAT’S UP: The week of September 26 – 30, 2022

  • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Friday, September 30, 2022. One suggested activity – Truth and Reconciliation Walk with elder, Albert Dumont.¬†
  • PED 3150 GENERAL session, Tuesday, September 27, 2022. OCT presentation via Zoom; Principals’ Panel, LIVE in CRX 140. Please consult PED 3150 GENERAL on BrightSpace.
  • At this point, you should have submitted your informal letter of introduction and response to Learning Log Assignment # One. For next class, read chapter 3 of Sensoy and DiAngelo, “Culture and Socialization”. Our TC Reading Review will be facilitated by Noah and Olivier.
  • Next class – Tuesday, October 4th, 9:00 – 10:45 a.m.., LMX 403. Look forward to seeing you. Please consult the. 3150 LL syllabus for the agenda.

THANK YOUMichel and Katelyn for facilitating the first TC Reading Review! HOOOO’s up next? Noah and Olivier!



  • for Truth and Reconciliation resources, please see last week’s blog and U of O information
  • Legacy of Hope Foundation educator resources – books, videos, timelinesWhere are the Children? ‚Äď Legacy of Hope Foundation
  • Interested in hearing many voices and perspectives on education? Tune in to Voice Ed Radio, an incredible public education-advocacy network created by educator and communication entrepreneur, Stephen Hurley. Stephen now hosts over 150 podcasts – all focusing on education, research and stories. There are podcasts for evolving educators like you!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Forts, treaty relationships, and the renewal of Indigenous‚ÄďCanadian Relations in the Social Studies Classroom with Dr. Dwayne Donald


SOME BEAUTIFUL ART FOR YOU:¬† Glenn Gould, Canadian, world-renowned pianist would have turned 90 on September 25th. Take a moment for yourself and listen to Gould play 1/4 Goldberg Variations (Bach). By all accounts, Gould was a brilliant, eccentric, remote character who was taken far too soon by a stroke at the age of 50. As you watch the video, you will see Gould’s physicality and how he occupies space. What was Gould like as a student? How would a teacher understand and be engaged with this exceptional person?

Glenn Gould playing 1/4 Goldberg Variations (1981)

Glenn Gould: an introduction to the life and best recordings of a piano icon | Gramophone


Christi Belcourt


  • This Painting is a Mirror¬†‚Äď 2012
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 206 x 256 cm
  • Collection of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
This Painting is a Mirror















PED 3150 LL 2022/23: edition one

: Ureleite meteorite cross-section as seen by CSIRO's electron probe microanalyser (EPMA). Different materials are given different colours, with a large section of lonsdaleite in yellow in the middle left. At middle right is a small section of diamond in pink, Iron, in red, surrounds both. Magnesium in green and silicon in blue can be seen on the outside edges.

From a Chris Hadfield post: Strange diamonds from an ancient dwarf planet in our solar system could lead to the production of ultra-hard machine parts, according to scientists. A team of researchers, including those from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has confirmed the existence of lonsdaleite in ureilite meteorites from the dwarf planet’s mantle. Lonsdaleite is a rare, hexagonal-shaped diamond believed to be much stronger and harder than its more typical cubic cousin.



Every two weeks, I will be creating and distributing a short blog that summarizes and reminds LL’ers of happening and coming up, suggests some education-related resources, and provides selected information about the community. And, there will always be something silly at the end. Blogging is something you are asked to do as an education student. It might also be something you want to do when you are teaching, depending on the context and clientele. The blog will complement the information provided in my e-mails to you. BrightSpace is your go-to for academics.

Please subscribe to the blog. If you have anything you would like to share on the blog, let me know.


¬†¬† WHAT’S UP?

  • thanks for your personal intros and for responding to each other. This really builds community
  • Tuesday, Sept. 20 – you will be with Andre Potvin and the L cohort section
  • Chapter one, Is Everyone Really Equal? letter of introduction, and reading response one due: Sept. 20
  • Wednesday, September 21: National Day of Reconciliation event at the faculty (formal day: Sept. 30)
  • please have a professional g-mail and two google folders created

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation



Explore, make sure you schedule some fun, and engage in activities that re-energize and enrich.



The week of March 21-April 1, 2022

HAPPY SPRING or HAPPY CAPITAL POTHOLE SEASON (your choice and they’re not mutually exclusive)

.  City of Ottawa has a new way to fill potholes!! (Albion road south, near railway) : r/ottawa

“A Light exists in Spring
Not present on the Year
At any other period ‚ÄĒ
When March is scarcely here”
Happy Equinox from Emily Dickinson!

We hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to a beautiful spring full of blooming flora and jobs for you!!!  What a significant time to be starting your career in education. We hope you will let us know what you are doing after you leave the Faculty. Speaking of leaving the faculty, graduation is on the horizon. We know that many of you have been working on completing all of your 3151 assignments as well as other coursework. We are sending out reminder notes if you are missing some key projects such as the S4C inquiry project. As you know, we are responsible for assessing your work and providing a Pass/Fail mark to the Academic Secretariat.

Digital hub presentations start this week on March 24th. We hope you experienced/experience excellent presentations on the 24th or 31st. Enjoy the opportunity to tell your education story – so far. Heather will be one of the reviewers on the 31st.

We are all watching the witnessing the horrors of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some of you might have strong links to that part of the world. Our thoughts are with you.

Ukrainian Flag Outdoor Interior Decoration Ukrainian Flag Polyester Band Brass Grommet Ukrainian Flag (2*3ft)

April 7 H/HH class and April 14 year two celebration

Our last H/HH class will be online on Thursday, April 7th at 9:45. This will be our opportunity to say Farewell and to hear from you all. We know a number of you have been interviewing for OT lists at different boards as you have let us know and we are receiving requests for references.

So, for the April 7th meeting, we will do a “How’s it going” Circle, and then we thought we could have a question and comment forum. Because of the few hours available for cohort meetings this year, and the need to cover assignments and accompanying pedagogy, and practicum stuff, and the fact that we never have had the chance to have those important ad hoc conversations with you after an actual on-campus class — there have been few opportunities to ask and answer really practical questions about our own experiences as educators and administrators. So, think of some questions and let us know.

We will not be at the April 14 Faculty celebration so there is no H/HH cohort class that day at 8:30 – 10:00 as published on Brightspace. We hope to be at graduation.

Here is some information from Shari Orders and the Faculty about the April 14 celebration.

When you accepted your offer of admission waaay back in 2020, no one could have imagined how the next two years would unfold, or how the pandemic would impact each and every one of us. Well, the finish line is (finally!) in sight and it is time to acknowledge and celebrate your hard work, perseverance, and endless adaptability.  YOU ARE AMAZING.

You are invited to participate in a Kudoboard for the Graduating Class of 2022.  Think of it as our collaborative digital yearbook; a place to share photos, memories, and messages to commemorate our time together in the B.Ed. program.  

What you share is up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • photos of an event, activity, or class
  • an alternative grad photo
  • screenshot(s) from a virtual class
  • photo of you “in action” on practicum
  • message of appreciation for a colleague, professor, practicum supervisor, or support staff
  • meme or cartoon
  • something or someone you are proud of
  • a meaningful memory or “take away” from your time in the program.

Feel free to post as often as you like!  Photos, videos, memes, artwork and other artifacts are appreciated.

Please remember to include your first and last name, cohort, and section with each post.  Deadline for posting is April 10th, 2022.

Let’s keep this space inclusive and fun. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or difficulties!

Here’s the link:¬†¬†


Shari Orders (

Final Celebration- April 14

On April 14 we will be holding our final celebration. In addition to the Kudoboard, we would like to create a slideshow of the past two years. It would be great to have all Year 2 candidates represented. Could you please send a photograph or photographs representing your journey as a teacher to By sending your photographs you are consenting that they can be shared with the teacher education community. The deadline for submissions is April 12 at noon.

Right to Read: a public inquiry into human rights issues affecting students with reading disabilities

Please keep up with the Royal Commission looking into the many issues regarding literacy and reading instruction and learning in our province. U of O faculty, such as Prof. Jess Whitley, are closely involved. As an educator – in whatever grade, subject or school – reading and comprehension will be issues. We encourage all of you to follow the work of the Right to Read commission and its work, and to seriously think about taking Spec. Ed One soon in your career, and to take advantage of any literacy professional development. We include a link to the commission site and a link to a very compelling CBC story about a 19-year old who finally started to comprehend the written word.

CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN! (or at least a few)

Some side information for your perusal: Paul and I and a band of trekkers are once again preparing for a 2023 trip to Tanzania and to climb Mount Kilmanjaro. This was supposed to happen in 2020 but that kind of backfired. So we are up again and if any of you are interested or know someone who might be interested in seeing a full moon from the Roof of Africa and support the Christie Lake Kids Foundation, please direct them our way.

Kilimanjaro – Paul and Heather attempting once more to climb to the Roof of Africa in 2023

Paul’s photos


and then, for the curious…

A new study suggests it’s becoming increasingly common for octopuses to use bottles, cans and other human trash to shelter themselves, camouflage their dens and even house their eggs.¬†

WORDLE – MAke your OWN

and finally, something beautiful, “Somewhere” sung by Rita Moreno in the 2021 film, “West Side Story”, lyrics by Sondheim, music by Bernstein. Moreno was in the original film in the ’60s.


February 21-25, 2022

The Roads Ahead

Ontario Family Day weekend often feels like a turn in the road for us educators. You almost hold your breath from January until mid-February, navigating semester wrap-ups, report cards and the dead of winter. Family Day weekend might begin with a wonderful, huge PD Day at the Shaw Centre and Winterlude, and then March break is a few huffs away. Not so much now. For the past two years, educators have not had the chance to hold their breath and then release. Life in a pandemic has been a series of unpredictable twists and turns; you can’t hold your breath because you don’t know when you can pause for the next intake. Instead, we have all been breathing steadily, breathing through the unpredictability.
We would like to assure you of some semi-predictability. Most of you have completed your practicums, you have submitted some excellent S4C inquiry projects, you are waiting for OCT temp. certificates, March break is a few weeks away, and graduation comes soon. The city is quieter after three weeks of noise, stress and occupation. Take a big breath – longer – and release. We thought you might enjoy listening to Etta James’
“At Last” – a pivotal song for its time, and we would offer, for now. ¬†
And, if you are looking for some more inspiration to strengthen resolve (and breathe through) here are some video segments from “The World’s Greatest Showman”:¬†
Listed below are some resources on critical literacy and citizen-education we thought you should peruse – whatever your subject. All educators are key in developing thinking, discerning and empathetic citizens – now more than ever. Critical thinking and critical literacy always should be an undercurrent – or a loud shout – in your teaching.
It was a pleasure to spend time with you last week and be treated to your questions and three great presentations by Emily, Gabino, and Avery.
Assignments: to confirm – you are no longer required to complete Blog #2 and the AEL reflection. The AEL form still must be filled in by your AEL supervisor and sent to the Faculty.
Digital hub sharing – March 24, 31 – if you have not already, register for an interview time
Take good care – see you on April 7th (but the blog will be weekly and our availability is always there)
Heather and Paul
Course Evaluation
PED 3150/3151 Review: The Faculty will be sending out end-of-year surveys to teacher candidates to get your feedback on courses. Please note that the evaluation of 3151 involves two parts: the general 3151 course headed by Tracy Crowe and your 3151 cohort sessions, facilitated by us.
RESOURCES (art below by Christi Belcourt, In Neither Hope Nor Despair, Birds Fly, 2022)


The week of February 14th – 18th, 2022










Meerkats (Suricates) Hugging | Kimballstock.             No photo description available.


  1. Feb 17- Presentation by OTF- Parent Engagement (8:30-9:35) Cohort groups  9:45-11:20.
  2. Feb 24- Mock Interviews- FROM T. CROWE:¬† Please encourage everyone to register ‚Äď at this point we have 60 principals and 15 teacher candidates. Even if they have been hired for an OT list please suggest that more practice is better especially for LTO lists.
  3. March 3- Federation Day
  4. March 10- Next Steps PLC
  5. March 17- March Break
  6. March 24 & 31- Digital Hub Sharing-
  7. April 7 and 14 – H/HH COHORT CLASSES


mock interviews


The week of February 7 – 11, 2022


What a strange, disturbing, teachable, learnable week in Ottawa! We know that a number of you live downtown and around campus, and that the protest/occupation might be causing a lot of stress. Please take good care.

The Trucker Convoy (we will not use the word Freedom) presents many teaching opportunities. What does it represent? Who is participating? Who is funding or fuelling it? Who is being affected? What are the police doing? What have the police done? When is a gathering dangerous? What have the police done in other situations with protests in Ottawa? One good way to elicit student conversation and thinking about events like this is to post photos and get them to talk about what is going on,  what they see, what they infer. Here are some photos for you to look at as well as a CBC online article from 2020 Рabout a BIPOC protest.

Truckers protest in Ottawa against Canada's vaccine mandate | Coronavirus pandemic News | Al Jazeera. Best time for Rideau Canal Skating Season in Ontario 2022 - UPDATE: Convoy protesters seeking food accused of harassing Ottawa soup kitchen staff - CityNews Ottawa

Thousands participating in the Parliament Hill portion of the Black Lives Matter protest in Ottawa on Friday. Ottawa, Canada - July 1, 2021: Thousands marched in the Cancel Canada Day march which ended up with a rally on Parliament Hill. They believe it is not proper to celebrate Canada

HELLO from Heather and Paul

Thank you to those of you who expressed condolences on the passing of Paul’s mother. We appreciate your reaching out. It is a difficult time but we held a small, lovely funeral mass that honoured both of Paul’s parents. They were incredible people to love and to be loved by.

We know that a lot is going on right now for all of you as you attend classes, work on course assignments and get ready for your teaching career, AND make the adjustment of not being in practicum. Many of you have been asking questions about what is going on with temporary certification and the Ontario College of Teachers, and we have tried to be as clear and informative as possible —¬† however, information is changing very quickly.¬† Continue to check Brightspace¬† AND your e-mail for Tracy Crowe’s and the faculty’s announcements and bulletins. Excerpts from Tracy’s latest announcement about OCT are pasted below.


Asian Woman Sitting Forest Using Laptop Stock Photo (Edit Now) 1072887233

OPEN OFFICE on Thursday, February 10th: we will hold open office hours from 8:30 to 11:20, using the usual zoom link for 3151 H/HH. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about your digital hub, S4C project, AEL, interviews, school boards, job assignments etc.. If you want to show us what you have so far for the digital hub, or take a look at your practicum binder — all good. We will take turns ‘manning’ the screen and will do our best to answer your questions. If you have a small group that wants to meet with us to be efficient, please organize on your end, contact us, and we will meet with you on Thursday morning. The next class is on February 17th focusing on parent engagement and transitions. We will certainly provide resources on that topic but will focus on what you need and want. Digital hub? Interviews? OCT? LET US KNOW, please!¬†

Don’t forget to complete and send us your practicum assignment by February 10th. We really want to hear about your practicum experiences.

CAREER FAIR: February 8th and 9th – an important message for you all:

As of today, we only have 259 student registrations for our career fair happening next week with 70 different employers. The Career Development Centre is quite concerned, since they were expecting closer to 500 registrations. Direct emails went out to students earlier in January, a reminder was sent yesterday and another reminder will be sent Friday. Our social media channels are full of messages. The registration deadline is February 7th.

 direct registration link:

  • ¬†Complete list of employers.
  • If students are attending courses during the event (February 8-9 from 1-5 PM), we hope they can be given time to visit employer kiosks. We would like to emphasize that they need to plan time in their agendas for both¬†days. Some employers are registered for both days, some only for one day.

FACULTY/UCC ASSIGNMENTS. Please review Brightspace – the general and UCC space to ensure you are covering assignments, events and projects. Highlights:

  • Career Faiir – Feb. 8, 9
  • practicum mini assignment for H and P – Feb. 10
  • Mock Interviews – Feb. 24
  • S4C inquiry project – Feb. 10
  • Digital Hub presentations – March


OCT Applications

Please read carefully the guidelines for applications on the OCT website. All inquiries about the application process, requirements for certification, or your own file should be directed to the OCT.

Temporary Certificate

Information about the temporary certificate and the process to apply can be found at  and in the email sent on December 6, 2021. Please check your OCT application regularly but understand that processing a temporary certificate may take time.

Those with deferred practicum and those who missed the initial Faculty deadline, you will be able to submit your intention to apply for a temporary certificate later in February. The form link will be sent to you. Please watch these announcements and your UOttawa email for information about the process. You can start your application through the OCT now.

At this point, any supply teaching by a teacher candidate is still considered unqualified supply and presents significant risk in the case of an allegation, accident or incident.


From Tracy Crowe announcement: If you still have questions about your AEL or need support to register with the Centre for Community Engagement. Please refer to the Video on BrightSpace. AEL (Alternative Experiential Learning) or contact Tracy Crowe directly.
By now you may have confirmed your AEL. Some of you may have decided to start your hours during the second semester or even before. Could you please fill in this form so we have a record of your AEL placement for the Practicum Office and your Faculty Supervisor (PED 3151 professor).  AEL registration form






May be an image of animal and outdoors.     STAY SAFE, STAY PROUD, STAY CLEAR!


The week of January 31 – February 4, 2022


Road, Travel, Banner, Header, Journey, Outdoor

CONGRATULATIONS! Most of you have now completed your second-year practicum and others will be done by June. You are now entering part two of the Great Developing Educator Journey. We are so admiring of how you have persevered through many difficult months of online learning and teaching, and how you have rallied and performed so well in your practicum placements. It has been a complete delight to read the incoming final reports that speak of such great work, effort, natural talent and developing skills. We hope you will take some time – at some point – to reflect on your journey so far. You are now firmly pointed toward your career in education


  1. There will be no 3151 H/HH online class at 9:45 a.m. on Thursday, February 3rd. We will be at a funeral celebrating the life of Paul’s mother, Barbara McGuire, a wonderful spirited and talented woman. We will prepare an asynchronous activity, posted on Brightspace in the H/HH section, that allows you to reflect and represent your practicum experience, and we will be e-mailing you with a time for an open drop-in session in the week of February 7th. Thank you for your understanding. We will ‘see’ you on February 17th online, and will be looking at your work for the 3rd.
  2. All final reports should have been submitted to the practicum office and to us by you by January 28th unless other arrangements were made.
  3. Check out the winter semester format and schedule as posted on Brightspace. if you need a room on campus on Thursdays during 3151 time, they are posted there. Some of the schedule message is below.
  4. Catch up on your 3151 work, please. We will be assessing you (pass or fail) on your two blogs, reading responses, digital hub, S4C project.
  5. Check Brightspace for updated information on OCT temporary certification and overall accreditation. You are responsible for ensuring you have submitted all of the requisite information for registration with the college.
  6. The National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec Coty Mosque Attack was on January 29th – information below.
  7. International Holocaust Remembrance Day was on January 27th, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1945.
  8. Check your e-mail for messages from us regarding the online, open hour (TBD) and any notices about work outstanding.
  10. A beautiful poem about a journey by Mary Oliver.

PED 3151 Winter Semester Format & Schedule

As PED 3151 is a full-year course and was designated as online in September, it will continue online following the same format as the fall. Please refer to the course syllabus for important dates.

  • Large group sessions with Tracy Crowe and PLCs will continue to be online. Same Zoom links will apply.
  • Cohort Section Meetings will continue to be online. Professional Inquiry Sharing and Digital Hub Sharing will be virtual. Mock interviews will be virtual.
  • Individual cohort professors may arrange in-person opportunities to meet on campus but in these cases, teacher candidates will be given the option of also attending online.
  • If you are on campus on Thursdays for an in-person course and need a place to participate in our online PED 3151 sessions, you will be able to use the rooms assigned to PED 3151 from 8:30-11:30 am.

The National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia – January 29th.

This day serves as a reminder that we must continue to work together to eradicate hate and racism in Canada and remember those who lost their lives by this terrible act.   Please share the following resource to faculty members and teacher candidates as we learn about creating inclusive and diverse classrooms and communities with respect for all.


The weeks of January 17th and 24th, 2022

Two Jack Lake, Alberta (Paul Zizka)

For a few months each year, Banff, Alta.-based photographer Paul Zizka, 41, feels like he has a superpower. The conditions must be just right: a multi-day cold snap, with little wind and no precipitation, transforming Alberta’s lakes into pristine natural skating rinks. When Zizka zooms out across the ice, with the Rocky Mountains in the background, and an entire world of fish, tree branches and bubbles frozen beneath the surface, he feels like he’s flying. Macleans

HELLO, all!

You are now in the last week of your full, 2nd-year practicum, with a few of you completing your practica in the spring. Bravo! We have been really impressed by your perseverance and progress. The interim reports were wonderful to read — you have come a long way and have a great journey ahead. Your first full 3151 class back is on Thursday, February 3rd, and we look forward to seeing you in on-line class at 9:45 a.m.. We will be re-acquainting and hearing about your practicum experiences. You know we would love to meet you all in person but 3150/3151 classes will remain online. We would be very happy to host a get-together for the H/HH cohort at our humble abode once all of your classes are done, and the coast is clear, public-health wise.

In your last week, please make sure you have gathered some good artifacts that document your teaching and learning experiences in your practicum. Photos, lesson plans, student work, images — all great for your memories and for use in your digital hub and S4C project.

Final reports are due on January 28th. Please ensure that you send a copy to us as well as the practicum office.


From the Practicum Office re: final reports:

It is the responsibility of the TC to ensure that these forms are completed by the AT(s) and that both the Faculty Supervisor AND the Practicum Office receive a copy of each report. 

 Candidates are advised to keep a signed copy for their own records

  • The report, as an attached PDF, is to be emailed to the Practicum Office at¬†
  •¬†is an email specifically for the submission of evaluation reports
  • The evaluation reports will only be accepted electronically as attached PDFs (not links)
  • ATs can provide candidates with hardcopies or alternative electronic versions, but it is the TC‚Äôs responsibility to submit it as a PDF
  • The Practicum Office cannot issue a final grade without the completed Interim and Final reports
  • Ats and TCs have also received this information

For reference, the forms can be found below the practicum guide on our website. The timelines are also outlined for reference in the practicum guide. To optimally use these forms, they must be downloaded and saved, then opened from the computer’s saved folder (otherwise they will not save). The forms have been created in Adobe to comply with the Ontario Government and University of Ottawa accessibility standards. The Final Report is to be completed and submitted at the end of the placement, on January 28th, 2022.


The news changes almost every day in a lot of ways and with regard to OCT certification. This just in from Tracy Crowe:

Please be aware that the Academic Secretariat is checking the eligibility of those Year 2 candidates who submitted their names to us by the January 14 deadline. The list will be sent to the OCT by the end of the month and we expect candidates will get their temporary certificate by the end of February.

Those ¬†Year 2 candidates who missed the deadline and will be completing their practicum soon will be able to apply by January 28 at noon. In addition to applying to the OCT, all interested Year 2 candidates must complete the Faculty‚Äôs form.¬† Here is the link to the¬†uOttawa Teacher Education ‚Äď Expression of interest to apply for a temporary certificate.¬†YOU MUST HAVE AN OCT APPLICATION NUMBER TO COMPLETE.

In the meantime, you need to have all of your required information submitted to the OCT so that you can teach when you graduate this spring. Teacher candidates must correspond individually with the College to ensure all required docs are filed and ok.. The faculty cannot do this for you.

NEXT CLASS: Thursday, February 3rd at 9:45 am with H and P.¬† Focus –¬† hearing about your practicum experiences and fielding questions, planning for 3 remaining classes. Any suggestions, photos, questions – please send our way and we will incorporate into the meeting.


SHOVELLING WOES – imagine this great kid a few years from now in high school!


Lake Louise, Alberta. November, 2019. (Paul Zizka)

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